Linux Administration

Being the Best Institute for Linux Administration in Benguluru, our Linux Training assists to enhance the performance of students, empower them to grow in every single aspect of this field.
Linux is the Unix based, open source and real-time operating system. Linux is well-known for its efficacy and quick performance. It was invented by Linus Torvalds at the University of Helsinki in Finland, and then it is enriched for the GNU project.
It allows the system operator and applications to make use of devices on the computer to accomplish specific functions. It is similar to other operating systems, but it is the real-time OS. It is utilized in applications where real-time response is required.

Linux Administration Training Pre-requisites:

  • Basic knowledge on working of Operating system
  • Knowledge of browsing through internet.

Career Opportunities with Linux Administration Training:

After the completion of Linux Administration Training, the candidates will have plenty of opportunities. People can join as a beginner or a system admin for some experience and then you can try for the MNCs. In MNCs the requirement for this career is too high and a certification will add more weight to your profile and even the chances of getting a job.
With the progression in technology, several real-time applications are coming into the market and maximum of these applications make use of Linux OS and thus the demand for Linux admin is on a hike.

Why We?

Being the Best Institute for Linux Administration in Benguluru, our Linux training assists to enhance the performance of students, empower them to grow with every single aspect of this field.
Register quickly with the Best Institute for Linux Administration in Benguluru, and check for the fresh batches. Valaxy Technologies is intended to deliver progressive live collaborative sessions as well as self-paced course training headed by real time experts.

  10 days

VXVM (Veritas Volume Manager) and Veritas cluster

1. Complete indepth training and practicals on VXVM and cluster.
2. Installing Storage Foundation (VXVM) and complete practicals of Assigning LUNs, creating DG, sbudisks plex and volumes with concatenation, stripe.
3. Importing and Deporting of DG, removing Disk from DG, renaming of DG
4. DMP - Dynaming multipathing
5. Installing and Configuring HA (veritas cluster).
6. Configuring I/O Fencing & heartbeat.
7. About HAD, GAB & LLT
8. Creating service groups and adding resources to the service groups.
9. Manual failover and failback of service groups and testing automatic failover.

10 Days

1. About Redhat satellite server.
2. Its usage in real time and theory part of how to configure redhat satellite server.
3. How to establish connection of all the Linux servers in the environment to Redhat satellite server.
4. How to do OS patching with the help of Satellite server.
5. How to create kickstart file in satellite server
6. How to install OS in physical and virtual machines with the help of kickstart file.
7. How to configure Satellite server in YUM for Linux servers

  20 Days

Troubleshooting and Real time topics of Redhat Linux, VXVM & Veritas Cluster and some other topics.

1. Difference between blade and standalone server.
2. About enclosure (chasis) and connectivity of blades to the enclosure.
3. About HP Prolaint and HP blades G5 -G9.
4. About how to connect to physical Machines ILO and virtual machines ILO to solve booting issues.
4. About virtual machines environment which run on vmware and hyper-v
5. Multipathing & Powerpathing in detail with all the options.
5. Kernel tuning and kernel modules. loading and unloading of kernel modules.
6. IP Alias & IPbonding with different modes(active-active & active-backup)
7. VSFTPD indepth with sftp and Configuring external FTP server for external users.
8. NFS with indepth using all the options available for NFS server & client end. Example, root_squash, no_root_squash, sync, async, hard, soft, rsize, wsize etc.
9. Booting Process with in detail. Also grub recovery, initrd recovery
10. LVM issues like filessytem read-only mode, inodes full, super-block corrupt etc.
11. Solving Booting issues by going into singler user mode, Maintenance mode, rescue mode.

  5 days


1. About ITIL Process
2. Change Management, Incident Management & Problem Management.
3. Resume Preparation including Day to Day job, Project environment, Supporting servers.
4. Interview Questions